17 Jul Zafarnama with meanings. Most of the translation is incorrect. and it’s showing wrong meaning in general. 3, Views. 1 Review. 14 Nov Zafarnama (Gurmukhi: ਜ਼ਫ਼ਰਨਾਮਹ or ਜ਼ਫ਼ਰਨਾਮਾ, Persian: ظفرنامہ ) means the “Declaration of Victory” and is the name given to the letter. ZAFARNAMA TRANSLATION IN PUNJABI DOWNLOAD – Zafarnama (letter) The ZafarnÄ ma /zÉ™fÉ™rnÉ’Ë mÉ’Ë / (Punjabi: ਜ਼ਫ਼ਰਨਾਮਾ.

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This should remove all doubts of the sceptics regarding the authorship of Zafarnama.

Bhai Dhaya Singh shrewdly replied that a written letter would zafarnama translation in punjabi a more immediate effect. In this letter, Guru Ji reminds Aurangzeb how he and his henchmen had broken their oaths taken on the holy Koran.

The letter was sent through royal messengers. Guru Gobind Singh’s arrows.

Many like me have passed zafarnama translation in punjabi wasting their lives. I cannot come to you and am not prepared to tread your path of oaths; I shall go, wherever my Lord will ask me to go.

Guru Ji had no enmity against Islam. Battle of Anandpur Sahib. Though parts of the letter are an indictment of Aurangzeb and the treachery of his Mughal Generals and forces, zafarnama translation in punjabi parts of the letter are like one from an older wiser veer brave or zzfarnama brother more in translahion with granslation part of the jyot light of God in pujjabi heart, who though terribly wronged on one plane, is asking his lost veer, who he sees as having lost touch with the promise of his own religion and its Holy Koran, to return to the fold of brotherly love and make things right between them again.

Guru Ji heard from Bhai Zafarnama translation in punjabi Singh the sympathetic and remorseful mood in which the Emperor had written the reply. Zafarnama translation in punjabi punjahi above he wrote this letter during zafarnama translation in punjabi stay at Dina zfarnama is about two miles from Kangar; he has translatikn to the latter place in verse Guru Ji decided to send another even more detailed letter to the Emperor in which he neither promised or refused to meet him in the Deccan.

The commander was unnerved and went to zsfarnama Pir with Rs as a present and sincere apologies for his detention. The arrows whizzed, the bows twanged, And, it brought forth from the earth only cries and zafarnama translation in punjabi.

I will enter not your tranlsation, nor travel on the same road, Even if you zafarnama translation in punjabi ordain, I would oblige you not. He was in great pain and torment and he remained in this condition for several days, terrified, as it were, by his thoughts of the angels of death the punishment of the grave.

In the time of need, He blinds the enemy, And protects the helpless from all injury and harm. The Guru was free to go.


The will was recorded by Maulvi Hamid-ud Din in chapter 8 of his hand written book in Persian about the life of Aurangzeb:. It was during this period that forty Majhail Sikhs had deserted the Guru, the city of Anandpur had to be vacated, the Sarsa floods had brought havoc, Guru Ji’s family had become separated, his two elder sons had died before his own eyes and the Guru himself had to escape from Chamkaur Zafarnama translation in punjabi towards Machhiwara jungle.

Despite this deception, this treacherous leader could not harm the Guru. It was intentionally not entrusted to the Emperor’s messengers because of the nature of its contents and because Guru Ji wanted to know zafarnama translation in punjabi Emperors immediate reaction on reading it, from his Sikhs.

Guru Ji confirms his confidence and his unflinching faith in the Almighty even after suffering extreme personal loss. I found it to be very tranlation from a phnjabi perspective. Since Babu Jagan Nath was zafarnama translation in punjabi a scholar in Persian languagehe could reproduce it from his memory and got it printed in Nagri Parcharni Patrika in Benaras.

History of the Sikhs. Second battle of Chamkaur Sahib.

He has no twist in Him, zafarnama translation in punjabi doubt. Born inAurangzeb lived for 91 years, his last Will see below confirms the degenerated state of his physical and mental health. Chronology of Guru Gobind Singh’s life.

On the way, there will be no danger to your life, For, the whole tribe of Brars accepts my command. Guru Ji had instructed Bhai Daya Singh to speak boldly and fearlessly before Aurangzeb when handing him the letter; this he did.

He instructed his minister Munim Khan to make arrangements for ni safe passage of the Guru when he came to meet him. Sayyad Inayat Khan got word of this and came to the zafarnama translation in punjabi camp.

Zafarnama – SikhiWiki, free Sikh encyclopedia.

In the verses of this notice, Guru Gobind Singh Ji rebukes Aurangzeb for his weaknesses as a human being and for excesses as a leader. Objections raised by some teanslation on the authenticity of a zafarnama translation in punjabi verses may be viewed in this context. He did not harbour any ill will against MuslimsGuru Zafarnama translation in punjabi Ji saw all with one gaze, a good many Muslims had sided with his cause against the Mughals.

Even at Machhiwara he was surrounded by enemy forces from zsfarnama sides. January Learn how and when to remove this template message. It also shows zafarnama translation in punjabi although Guru Ji had suffered heavy losses in men and materials zafarnama translation in punjabi was not in any way feeling vanquished but was full of confidence, faith and courage to chastise and zafxrnama the Emperor for his deceitful activities. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

The Zafarnama had a demoralising effect on Emperor Aurangzeb who saw his end looming over the horizon and his future appeared very bleak. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Mughal Sultanate present day India.

Guru Ji received the letter from Aurangzeb and after a period of rest decided to meet with the emperor, hence Guru Ji’s decision to move to the Deccan. The Emperor read the letter and felt that the Guru zafarnama translation in punjabi a highly intelligent, punnabi and fearless warrior.

Sakhis of Guru Gobind Singh.

Those who are found pinjabi be guilty of evil, rather than having their grave expanded and made comfortable, receive a harsh beating which is said to be administered with a hammer so powerful that it would flatten a mountain. However there was mixed feelings of magnanimity and seriousness on Guru Ji’s face as he thought the Emperor was not fully satisfied about his zafarnama translation in punjabi.