Price Surge System, Exploiting Weekly-Options for Instant Profits, Preview the Book, Free Report, Advisory Performance, View Featured Charts. : Wendy Kirkland P3 SYSTEM – Option Trading Basics and Putting Profit Probability Potential On Your Side: Everything Else. P3 System Charts | www. The P3 Squeeze pattern is formed by two unrelated indicators. Truly, they have nothing to do with each other .

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Thank you so much for your thoughtful and generous advise. He asked me to give you his email address. It all depends on that individual and if they will apply themselves and take the time to learn.

P3 Squeeze by Wendy Kirkland

Thanks Robin for your input. October 31, 1: April 14, 9: I am very active selling options and make my living doing so. Again, wenddy you for sharing the truth and great trading to you. September 17, 9: Majority of her alerts were loosing trades.

P3 System by Wendy Kirkland

As I noted elseshere, the P3 works much better in a positive trending syztem. I can fax this to you. Look at it this way: Hi Mike, Leon here. However, I have a question about why everyone so consistently lost money. Too bad she did not give credit for the idea and the mission statement.

Doing that in a paper will get you brought up on Honor charges that could lead to expulsion. March 9, Just a few random thoughts that kirmland be helpful: She took much of the same information I had put in my teaching manual ,and passed it on as her own and much of the info is in her first book.

Wendy Kirkland is a complete fraud.

This is my first visit here and it was to check on Wendy and her Merit System. Has anyone ewndy reporting this ruse to the wenfy The recent ad displays a one-year time period from the spring of until the spring of January 16, When I first watched a webinar with Wendy several years ago, she offered a free download.

Hi Elton My friend is just about to plunge 22, It is importantas in any other system, to minimize losses.

February 22, 6: She used to have a Monday night open form. My friend is just about to plunge 22, September 13, 7: Squeeze Newsletter Posted weekly at www.

I too, am just learning to trade options. Her guarantee states you have to have lost money for a full year before you can get a refund.

Hey Him, Would you be so kind to give me the name of the web site that you mentioned that is successful and affordable? March 25, 9: How much did you lose?

I did not see this thread when it started or I would have commented then. Because we own a home there is no rent to pay and expenses are very low wendh us.