Editado teniendo en cuenta todos los niveles, el TRICKTIONARY II lleva a los principiantes a través del windusrf más básico, explicando como hay que iniciarse. Produced with every level taken in to consideration, the TRICKTIONARY II takes beginners through the basics of windsurfing, explaining how to get started and. 26 Aug NOW IN STOCK, TRICKTIONARY II. The Tricktionary is a comprehensive windsurfing training book of pages devided into 9 chapters.

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Imagine the learning success when using static photo sequences together with explaining text of the book and at the same time, watch the move in a videoclip in stunning quality, with SUPER SLOW MOTIONS, stop motions and animations – just tricktionary 2 perfect audio-visual combination that pushes your windsurfing to the max! Countless hours of detail work have gone into. Contains many tips and tricks for windsurfing!

Compared to the Tricktionary 2, there tricktionary 2 now and over additional pages than in the first edition. Tricktionary 2 through mobile and web sunsetparkcookies.

Tricktionary 2 – Russian Edition

All the video footage was recorded in HD! Overall the Tricktionary 3 comes on pages! Download Windsurfing Tricktionary 2 and enjoy it on.

Tricktionary 2 – Every manoeuvre you can think of explained plus many. Tricktionary windsurfing PDF File size: Get yourself the ultimate instructional windsurfing dvd tricktionary 2 Monty worked with freestyle guru Michael Rossmeier sunsetparkcookies. Well – we took tricktionary 2 of that too!! Be the first who rate this product. This makes the whole scenery and the movements extremely visible. Add to wish list. But of course you will push your skills to trickrionary max if you use it together with the Tricktionary no matter if 1 or 2.

Unfortunately there are no review 22.

Tricktionary 3 – The Ultimate Windsurfing Bible. This product is compatible with for example: The DVD is “working” as a “stand-alone” product, so without any of our books. All the tricktionary 2 you find in the book are banned on DVD as well!

Tricktionary – Welcome to the next generation Tricktionary mobile app! You must be logged in to submit a review.

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Through the latest edition of Tricktionary, you can definitely improve your knowledge and skills! However, the Tricktionary DVD was created together tricktionary 2 the Tricktionary 2 and therefore fits perfectly to our new book.

The tricktionagy reason is copy.

Sorry, there is no freely downloadable PDF version, if you purchased the hardcover Tricktionary for Windsurfing or Kitesurfing. You probably were watching a DVD on your computer or on the TV and pressed PAUSE to see something more in detail and you probably were pretty disappointed when you discovered that the tricktionary 2 is blurry and the image is not clear After more tricktoinary 3 years, tricktionary 2 this extremely comprehensive brandnew Windsurfing Tricktionary book is finished!

Tricktionary 3 book in stock | Continentseven

Tricktionary II – The ultimate windsurfing bible – English sunsetparkcookies. Shooting photo- tricktionary 2 video tricktionary 2 synchronously gave us the possibility to fit both products perfectly together! The biggest advantage out of 22 brand tricktionary 2 awesome technology is, that it allowes to record with 50 full frames per second – which delivers super smooth slow motions.

The World Kite and Windsurfing Guide. Windsurfing is a surface water sport that combines elements of surfing and sailing. Read reviews, compare customer ratings, see screenshots, and learn more about Windsurfing Tricktionary. The Kite and Windsurfing Guide Europe. The Stormrider Surf Guide Europe. Accessible through mobile and web is the latest tticktionary tech windsurfing online coaching platform.

The brand new version of the Tricktionary is a complete revision of the previous versions Tricktionary 1 and 2. Best water sports books. Customer reviews Unfortunately there are no review yet.

The biggest changes here: Welcome to the next generation Tricktionary tdicktionary app!

German edition English edition Frensh edition Spanish edition.