The World Of Fatwas. Or The Shariah In Action. Arun Shourie No Comments | Write Review. HarperCollins,Others. ₹ 30 Nov The World of Fatwas By Arun Shourie ASA Publications Pages: Price: Rs Arun Shourie loses no opportunity to criticise Islam, the. Study of Islamic canonical decisions (Fatwas) issued in India during the last hundred years.

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Add 3 Items to Cart. He highlights certain portion of Quran where the literal meaning of verses promotes hatred and is used by the fundamentalist group it is a very good book to understand how the Islamic community per se operates in India. Are We Deceiving Ourselves Again? The first two chapters, “Their Ways, Their Power,” and “All of Life”, highlight an almost irrational interfering influence which the Muslim clergy exercises and is capable of the world of fatwas arun shourie on the Muslim community.

The World of Fatwas provides a new prism to non-Muslims for observing Islam, and holds up a mirror to Muslims challenging them to necessary introspection for adjusting to a changing world. They aim at controlling every aspect of life page The world of fatwas arun shourie even the Prophet has right to issue judgment.

What is even more interesting is Shourie’s assessment that even men of eminence like Abul Kalam Azad and Zakir Husain had to succumb to the narrow, pernicious religious bigotry of the Muslim clergy in India. Amit Mishra Certified Buyer 24 Jun, Ashutosh Shukla rated it really liked it Oct 15, Apart from the Quran, Hadith and the books on Sharia, he has gone through 38 volumes of fatwas page 5.

Looking In From The Out

Advertisement opens in new window. If these fatwas were being followed today, as Shourie mentions, then all Muslims should be bearded; they should wear turbans and pyjamas over the world of fatwas arun shourie knees; most women should go about in purdah and every Muslim should refrain from watching TV or mixing with Hindus. He is often ruthless but careful not to ape Salman Rushdie. In private we may have a stand, but we care more about being political correct.

Even during the heyday of Muslim rule, under the Umayyids, the Abbasids or the Ottomans, it was enforceable only when sanctioned zrun the ruler. Why is it that Arun Shourie completely omits the impact of the Persian and Indian civilisations on Islam?

None of them ever retracted what they had said or written; nor did these fatwas ever unnerve them.

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Open Preview See a Problem? Liked the comparision of Sharia with another tatalitarion ideology of communism the author is well versed with that too.

Like his every other work, his research is thorough. If guidelines would have been more useful than encouraging the Muslims to ask such questions as, “If a man tge inserts a finger in the vagina of a woman, is a bath due upon a woman or not?

He does his homework no doubt, and has mastered the art of selective quotation mongering. Gandhiji characterised it as a “gutter-inspector’s report”.

There is no public reason.

Falling Over Backwards is an essay against reservations and judicial populism. It was first published in Want to Read saving…. However, it worls me with much to ponder!

Looking In From The Out

Zakir Naik is an enemy of mankind. The Quran, the Hadis, the fatwas, represent one continuous endeavour in this respect.

Worse, in fatwa them, thus providing the wherewithal for critics like Shourie to ridicule the Shariah. It is the misfortune of the politics of our country that someone like Mr Shourie who calls a og a spade can never be successful here.

When he speaks or writes, people the world of fatwas arun shourie. It has been developed over the centuries into a science. Jul 24, Hemant Kumar rated it it was amazing. In the last years in India, the Shariah has not only been expounded but also laid down, first under the British Raj, by the Privy Council, and subsequently since Independence by our Supreme Court. They have founded intolerant, compulsive and tyrannical orders and have provided political legitimacy to despotic and nepotistic systems of government.

I am sure in their bedrooms also Muslims do not restrict their nocturnal behaviour to what is prescribed and decreed by the moulvis.

The book has 12 chapters. The author has made bold the world of fatwas arun shourie and backs it with research. If they succumbed, reconciled or compromised, it must if been for the larger shlurie purpose of carrying the Muslim community arin they belonged to with them, instead of subjecting the community to the emotional trauma of confronting the Ulema, specially when the majority of Muslims were ambiguous about its political identity, and subject to religious superstitions.

I don’t blame writer as his Hindu background and religious philosophy is different from Islam.