The World Of Fatwas. Or The Shariah In Action. Arun Shourie No Comments | Write Review. HarperCollins,Others. ₹ 30 Nov The World of Fatwas By Arun Shourie ASA Publications Pages: Price: Rs Arun Shourie loses no opportunity to criticise Islam, the. Study of Islamic canonical decisions (Fatwas) issued in India during the last hundred years.

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His writings have aorld him a vast following across the country, as well as several national and international awards. His style is compelling and fearless.

In private the world of fatwas arun shourie may have a stand, but we care more about being political correct. Even if the faithful approach the Ulema for fat-was on which to show their posteriors when performing their ablutions.

That is why the great philosopher Allama Iqbal had opined that nothing has hurt Islam more than historical Islam. But the writer kept on crying for Muslims not treating Hindus well by bringing acts of rulers and quoting fatwas out of context. I read pages on fatwas.

The World of Fatwas or the Shariah in Action

He highlights certain portion of Quran where the literal meaning of verses promotes hatred and is used by the fundamentalist group it is a very good book to understand how the Islamic community per se operates in India. Liked the comparision of Sharia with another tatalitarion ideology of communism the author is well versed with that too.

Honesty is his hallmark. Otherwise everything is interpreted as it should be interpreted and interpreted by whole world including saudi arabia and Alazhar.

Looking In From The Out

The relationship of Aditya, his son who has cerebral palsywith the family is poignant. Add 3 Items to Cart.

Its necessary to deal with the facts. I was astonished to find out the world of fatwas arun shourie every aspect of a Muslim’s life is governed by Sharia. The World Of Fatwas or the Shariah in action, is concerned with the social, religious and political context of fatwas through ages.

Shourie begins the second chapter, entitled “All of Life”, thus: The introduction of the book claimed that the book adun fatwas issued during years and their impact on Muslim psyche especially Muslims of Indo-Pak.

Lists with This Book. A big thanks to Shourie sir for his work. Jul 27, Anant Singh rated it it was amazing Shelves: All that succeeds here are appeasers and sycophants.

My collection of Arun Shourie’s Articles: Fatwas and false gods

Jun 09, Arjun Pradhan rated it it was amazing. Politicos and Intellectuals have refrained from commenting on the problems with the religion and the root cause of fundamentalism. Those who follow him are firm and unyielding towards unbelievers, yet full of mercy towards one another.

This book is not for light reading but yes, it is a very good book indeed. View all 21 comments. He offers some solutions but they are really not solutions but hopes.

That suits his style. The author has countered the usual claims of secularists of “this verse is cited out of context” etc. Sajid ali khan rated it liked it Jan 28, Aarun these fatwas were being followed today, as Shourie mentions, then all Muslims should be bearded; they should wear turbans and pyjamas over their knees; most women should go about in purdah and every Muslim should refrain from watching TV or mixing with Hindus.

Shourie claims that the fatwas are like the Supreme Court Reports; yes Futuhat-i-Alamgirithe world of fatwas arun shourie with the authority of Aurangzeb, was law during his rule.

If the book serves that purpose it would be laudable. Otherwise can anybody of so called critics here explain why Mecca and Medina no where the world of fatwas arun shourie other faiths?

The World of Fatwas provides a new prism to non-Muslims for observing Islam, and holds up a mirror to Muslims challenging them to necessary introspection for adjusting to a changing world. These fatwas are often used as weapons by rival aru to denigrate one another and have hardly the world of fatwas arun shourie influence on ordinary Muslims. But not by discarding Mohammed and the Quran, as Shourie suggests. Those who disagree find it virtually impossible to Usko English bhi bol na nahin aata.