3 Jan Though it also offers a repertoire, this second edition of IM Hannes Langrock’s ground breaking The Modern Morra Gambit is not so narrow as. Modern. Morra Gambit by. Hannes Langrock. Russell Enterprises, Inc. Milford, CT USA. A Dynamic Weapon against the Sicilian. Second Edition. Shop our inventory for The Modern Morra Gambit by Hannes Langrock with fast free shipping on every used book we have in stock!.

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Bill Whited rated it it was amazing Thd 29, Thr, Goddess and Everything. Nevertheless, SMG fans need to know it while 2. Post a New Comment Enter your information below to the modern morra gambit a new comment. Paperback the modern morra gambit, pages. Return to Book Page. David Wagle is currently reading it Aug 31, I’m not sure that’s the exact move order given in that small book, but it’s probably close.

Smashing the Finegold Defense to the Smith-Morra. The Dynamic Morra Uncompromising Aggression versus the Sicilian When the first edition appeared more than five years ago, FM Hannes Langrock’s groundbreaking work breathed new life into a gambit that conventional wisdom viewed as no more than a nuisance for Black. The current decade now Want to Read Currently Mora Read.

A Dynamic Weapon Against the Sicilian really liked it 4. Notify me moddrn follow-up comments via email. Review of Pete Tamburro’s “Openings the modern morra gambit Amateurs”. Langrock doesn’t quite affirm that White has an edge, but he does think that Black must play actively on the queenside to neutralize what he calls the Morra Maroczy Bind. Bc6 and the correspondence game Tinture – Goncharenko was agreed drawn.

I posted a review at my blog, in a post which includes updates on my earlier Smith Morra Bibliography — including games from Marc Esserman: John Saunders’ Chess Blog.

The Modern Morra Gambit: A Dynamic Weapon Against the Sicilian

I had a look at it a few years ago but didn’t have the time or the energy to give it a fair crack of the whip. January 14, Icepick.

No trivia or quizzes yet. Newer Post Older Post Home. I noticed that I had included it on my original The modern morra gambit, so I don’t know why I didn’t follow through and track it the modern morra gambit.

African Candidates spar in fierce debate 8 hours ago. The other stock response to 2. Rahul rated it really liked it Oct 19, I’ve just send you some news but too long here so check your email! I spot checked a few lines I used to know something about, and while I was able to add to his analysis his claims weren’t crazy and he taught me a few things as well.

Be the first to ask a question about The Modern Morra Gambit. Black’s job isn’t to accept a worse position so he can fight for a win and make White happy. Books by Hannes Langrock. The blog of Irina Bulmaga. He also notes on a regular basis places where his recommendations in the hte edition had to be scrapped. As noted by The modern morra gambit grandmaster Karsten Muller, “The Morra Gambit is well-suited for players striving for tactical and uncompromising play, as White’s better development often leads to a dangerous initiative.

My most recent Smith Morra Update is posted with a review of Esserman’s book at: I await Langrock 2nd edition a lot! An early b3 hhe White is gaining legitimacy, as witnessed by the recent the modern morra gambit appearance of the Nimzo-Larsen Attack with 1. You can get the new edition of Langrock from various sources — but not necessarily from ChessCafe as the connection between Hanon Russell and ChessCafe has apparently been broken. Whatever the case, the Gambit was generally effective.

Refresh and try again. German GM Karsten Mueller has done some deep work on it, and FM Hannes Langrock, the author of the volume under review, has put in a tremendous amount of motra own work trying to demonstrate its viability. About every ten years, moxern new book comes modegn to revive interest in the ancient Philidor Defense the modern morra gambit.

The Modern Morra Gambit: A Dynamic Weapon Against the Sicilian by Hannes Langrock

Of course, for gambit-haters that might be taken as a lack of objectivity! This form does not yet contain any fields.

Chess Champ Lyudmila Rudenko 22 hours ago. A Dynamic Weapon Against the Sicilian. Junior Championship U.

Arianne and Levon Finally Wed 9 months ago. I was looking at a PDF excerpt: The positions that arise are extremely difficult to play, especially if the defender is not familiar with them.

Posted by Michael Goeller at 8: Chess Piece Recognition 18 hours ago. If you’re thinking of buying the book and taking up the SMG, be aware that Black need not accept the pawn. The Gaambit in Black and White.

I only lost with it once – a fairly short the modern morra gambit, and of course that’s the only Smith-Morra game of mine to get published – but I won something like 13 times while only giving up a couple of draws.

Mark Engelen marked it as to-read Feb 20,