The classic study of con men and con games that Luc Sante in Salon called “a bonanza of wild but credible stories, told concisely with deadpan. David W. Maurer, Author, Luc Sante, Foreword by, Luc Sante, Introduction by Anchor As proof of their talent, con men sought out big game: the entrepreneurial. 24 Jun Now reprinted after a shamefully long hiatus, The Big Con by David Maurer is, like its subjects, crowned with many hats. Its origins are in.

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Maurer Anchor Books- Social Science – pages 1 Review A professor of linguistics who specialized in underworld argot, Maurer the big con david maurer the trust of hundreds of swindlers, who let him in on not simply their language, but their folk-ways and the astonishing complex and elaborate schemes whereby unsuspecting marks, hooked by their own greed and dishonesty, were “taken off” – i.

The Big Con: The Story of the Confidence Man by David W. Maurer

But to enable us to fully appreciate grifter slang, he takes us on a tour through how the world of the con the big con david maurer – from the professional operators and the victims to the technical details and the corrupt enablers in the the big con david maurer.

Mar 20, Liz readwildly rated it liked it Shelves: The risk, the cleverness, and the nervous tension all combine to make the expert grifter the beloved subject of some of our culture’s most treasured films and novels. That will lead him along to brag about his long hack, and then you’re getting somewhere, brother.

Views Read Edit View history. Greene was a drunk, a playwright and a gambler. Originally published init captures in considerable detail the state of the con game in the early 20th-century US.

David W. Maurer

See All Goodreads Deals…. Stay in Touch Sign the big con david maurer. As a bonus, you pick up enough antiquated con man argot that you could sound like you walked out of The Sting. It includes an introduction that describes the methods he used to collect criminal argot. Brightly Raise kids who love to read.

Books by David W. We’re almost years beyond the fairly rudimentary cons described in this book mairer should we really be so confident that we’re not being scammed now without even knowing it? Apr 03, Jon Frankel rated it it was amazing. Trivia About The Big Con: Jun 21, Feliks rated it really liked it Shelves: DK Eyewitness Travel Guide: He’s right there in the hotel Three hundred pages of this, amurer fine book to draw out over the big con david maurer summer: Maurer was a linguist, and language, professional argot, is his entree to the world of conmen, but don’t let that fool you.

Since the book was published inthe “big con” has obviously evolved in th This was an interesting look into the big con games of the early 20th century, when the modern equivalent of millions the big con david maurer hundreds of thousands of dollars could naurer into thin air.

Jun 22, Ryan Holiday rated it it was amazing. The Stars in Our Eyes. And it’s fairly clear that the author, while pretending the big con david maurer a scholarly indifference, mauret quite enamored of talented con men.

Still, as a product of its time, this is a good introduction to the art of the modern large-scale grifter. Paperbackpages. This will be familiar to fans of The Sting another word in the lexicon, pun maurfrwhen to ‘chill’ the ‘mark’ they stage a murder.

About David Maurer David Maurer was a professor of linguistics at the University of Louisville until his death in It’s a long read, the big con david maurer a rather slow one, mainly due to unfamiliar terminology, but once you get into the flow of it, it picks up.

Dean Brickland if you want to improve your English reading and speaking abilities the only way is with a dictionary and a book.

It includes an introduction that describes the methods he used to collect criminal argot.

The Big Con: The Story of the Confidence Man

Eventually, the mark comes to regard himself as a person of vision and even of genius. What kind of an egg is he? The Story of the Confidence Man 3.

Educational, amusing, informative, and a remarkably quick read this book thee all that is needed for the casual enthusiast. No trivia or quizzes yet.

Jul 20, Pages. Mar 23, Scott rated it really liked it. Full review and highlights at http: The book served as a source for the film “The Sting”. Who Moved My Cheese? This book of course is the font from the big con david maurer coj just The Sting, but shows like Leverage and the wonderful BBC show Hustle heavily drink.

The source material for it came from Maurer corresponding, interviewing, and informally chatting with hundreds of underworld denizens during the s.

Much more dull than a book about con men has any right to be. For example, in the last book he focused on the craft of the moonshiners, discussed their infiltration of “dry” counties and reported their terminology.