9 Aug Tegel Manor – Revised & Expanded Edition – Tegel Manor – Second Edition ( Gamscience Version) A huge haunted house with a 6 Nov by Gabor Lux “Designed by generations of mad wizards and insane geniuses, Tegel Manor, a great manor-fortress on a windswept and. Tegel Manor has 7 ratings and 2 reviews. TTocs said: A friend bought this Judges Guild Module for our dungeons and dragons group back in the early 80’s.

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In the Greater Maanor M A mirror of life trappinga mirror of oppositionan illusionary flesh golem and a souped-up skeleton fighter are very dangerous for your average low-to-mid-level group. I spent quite some time obsessing over Tegel when I was a kid and it was out of my reach except for those few tantalizing hints, and I spent even more when I was writing the update for Necromancer Games, which was not to be.

In any case, they performed well in actual play although technically, the 3. Yet others are best encountered with a ready blade and a drawn holy symbol!

Ghost Review: Tegel Manor

A niche behind the portrait Search DC 24 hides an enchanted wand made of the darkest ebony and tipped with silver. There ,anor still some note the names of the pirate leaders and the two imprisoned fighters at DL2I.

There is a chance for an undead-hunting quest at N Many have found the manor and area to be a dangerous place to visit!

James Mishler January 8, at 9: Tegel Manor vexes me. Curtis Darlage is currently reading it Sep 13, One of the joys of my exploration into the history of the hobby is encountering stuff that is so different from my own preferences. I added the prismatic missile traps to make it obvious for wandering parties that Ridwik means business of course, it is also kind of obvious that the tall, ominous tower will be hard. I comment tegek this in my blog about tegep theory.

One of the other pieces of interesting research I came across was on the Hyboria. This is a scan of an old harcopy – it is a bit hard to read in places and that hurts the overall rating.

Tegel Manor (convention edition)|Goodman Games Store

It’s filled with winding passages, secret doors, mazes, empty rooms, weird features, and more. Ambrose added it Jun 02, Clark started to think about a huge vinyl player mat for Tegel, which would make it into a sought-after premium product, although I am uncertain how far that work, or cartography went.

We had a great time and laughed more than we did most of the time. Later on, many of those thoughts went into an expansive design document I am reproducing with some minor edits below. A DM had to be very careful to avoid destroying a party in this mostly fun and atmospheric dungeon. I’m sure this adventure is going to be up to the high standards of North Wind Adventures. It really didn’t start until the Dragonlance era.

Second, the modular ability list makes it easy to customize them, which is a good tool to differentiate the various Rumps running around. If I had had it when running Tegel, it would have been unofficially located somewhere in the dungeon.

Against the Giants Then and Now. But many more deaths can be attributed to insufficient caution or foolhardy exploration techniques. WRT the module and its possible audience, it is interesting. Some of them may become valuable allies; others, merciless enemies, depending on how the party approaches them. I wish to release the Manor part in a similar way, and have an outline to work with, but it will need a fair amount of time to finish.

Their Judges Mwnor products are among the best things published during the D20 era and I’m tege proud to own them. You can see a bit of it in the image above, but it doesn’t do justice to the thing.

I tried to avoid NPC classes.

Family secrets from the Library. I had the impression at this time that Judges Guild was simply producing inferior products in comparison to the TSR products and I was sure it was not going to work. Could it have been successful?

Click here for more details. I made an error of judgement with them by sticking too close to the original text. Obviously, I could write pages upon pages of what I did manoe various rooms and why. Types include the usual suspects but also a few of my own make 9 and up. Return to Book Page.