Suunto D4i simplifies your diving experience because all the information you need relating to depth, time, decompression, and additional tank pressure status is. User manual for the device Suunto D4. Online user manual database. Get Suunto D4 D4 Divers Watch User’s Guide. Get all Suunto manuals!.

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The speed at which the diver ascends toward the surface.

Full Screen Viewing – to easily view the user manual without downloading it to your computeryou can use full-screen viewing mode. Suunto suunto d4 manual not warrant that the operation of the Product or accessory will be uninterrupted or error free, or c4 the Product or accessory will work with any hardware or suunto d4 manual provided by a third party.

The suunto d4 manual interval must be at least 5 minutes for a dive to be considered a repetitivedive. Suunto warrants that during the Warranty Period, as defined below, Suunto or Suunto Authorized Service Center will, at suunto d4 manual sole discretion, remedy defects in materials or workmanship free of charge either by a repairing, or b replacing with similar product, or c refunding, subject to the terms and conditions of this International Limited Warranty.

When suunto d4 manual moves upwards, you can ascend to the new suutno. If you want to adjust the computer to providemore conservative calculations, use the personal adjustmentfeature to affect decompression calculations, or reduce the PO2setting to affect oxygen exposure.

Setting the nitrox values The AC text is shown until the water contactdeactivates.

Suunto D4: User guides

An upward pointing arrow will also prompt you to start your ascent. Summary of the content on the suuntl No. Picture 1 says you should spend 8 seconds rising from where you were just then to above 3m. Audible and visual alarm typesAlarm typeShort single suunti reasonDive computer is activated. If you ascend above suunto d4 manual Mandatory Safety Stop ceiling, a downward pointing arrow will appear and a continuous beeping starts. Check out our videos.

Rounding up will cause nitrogen percentages to be understated and will affect decompres- sion calculations. HatulOct 29, Suunto D4 manuwl suunto d4 manual be used for obtaining measurements that require professional or industrial precision. To reduce the risk of WARNING fire or burns, do not disassemble, crush, puncture, short external contacts, or dispose of in suunto d4 manual suubto water.

Repetitive dive planning The Suunto D4 includes a dive planner that allows you to review the no-decompression limits on a subsequent dive, taking the residual nitrogen loading of previous dives into suuunto. Oxygen percentage or oxygen fraction in the breathing gas.

If the instru- ment is stored for a long period, or used in cold temperatures, the low battery warning may be displayed even though the battery has enough capacity. To make life easier, we’ve included a glossary of dive-specific suunto d4 manual ology at the back of the manual. Button symbols and functions The table below explains the main functions of the dive computer’s suunto d4 manual.

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Suunto D4 warning and questions | ScubaBoard

Page 74 depth profile of the divedive suunto d4 manual surface interval timedive numberdive start time year, month, day and time dive computer settingsoxygen percentage settings and maximum OLF in NITROX mode tissue calculation datareal-time water temperatureadditional dive information e.

Why did it suunto d4 manual that warning? International Limited Lifetime Warranty: To reduce the risk of WARNING fire or burns, do not manal, crush, puncture, short external contacts, or dispose of in fire or water.

Page 42 When programming the instrument for the correct altitude, you need to select thecorrect Altitude Adjustment settings according to Table 5. It also changes thesecalculations according to suunto d4 manual personal adjustment you select. Decompression illness Dive series Dive time Enriched air nitrox Equivalent air depth Floor Half time Multi level dive Any of a variety of maladies resulting either suunto d4 manual or indirectly from the formation of nitrogen bubbles in tissues or body fluids, as a result of inad- equately controlled decompression.

Open the dealer locator. Page 29 Table 5.

Page 98 When the Product or a part is replaced, any replaced item becomes the property of Suunto. Page 96 user manuals or any third-party software even if packed or suunto d4 manual with the Suuntohardwaresettings, content or data, whether included or downloaded in theProduct, or whether included during installment, assembly, shipping or at anyother time in the suunto d4 manual chain or otherwise and in any way acquired by you;3.


Button Symbols And Functions 3. Battery and service kits. Deep Stops are safety stops that occur deeper than traditional stops, with the purpose of minimizing microbubble formation and excitation.

The reasons for performing a Safety Stop in- clude: Get your Suunto product repaired suunto d4 manual our online service request. Page 89 Table You must log in or sign suuto to reply here. Enter text from picture: The option to print the manual has also been provided, and you can use manuak by clicking the link above – Print the manual.

After reaching the surface, do not dive for at least 24 hours. Home Suunto Watch Suunto d4 manual D4.