As its name implies, Making Plant Medicine is all about using herbs to create In the newest fourth edition, beloved Oregon herb farmer Richo Cech shares. Making Plant Medicine has ratings and 18 reviews. Erin ☕ *Proud Book Hoarder* said: (also posted on my site The Paperback Stash)Cech writes a book . Richo Cech, Plant Whisperer and Author of “The Medicinal Herb Grower” . to clasp to her breast, like a yearning mother, a shade garden of her own making.”.

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Herbs, herbal theory, body systems and herbal perspectives on common diseases are covered.

Kristy rated it it was amazing May 22, Most tinctures are made using alcohol; however, you can also use glycerin or apple cider as the menstruum solvent that extracts the medicinal qualities from the herb. If your looking at making medicine with plants, this book should be on your shelf.


Field Guides Identifying herbs correctly is vital to good herbalism. What a valuable book! Several chapters are devoted to tinctures alone, through various ways of extracting, detailed information on straining, pressing, and sifting.

See All Goodreads Deals…. They are simply my most beloved books and websites; the ones I reach for most often. Even Richo points out how certain strains of medicinal plants such as German chamomile, garden sage and valerian have been selected for higher levels richo cech making plant medicine those secondary compounds associated with medicinal properties. Unlike fifty years ago where they were few and far between. Also contains a dictionary maming info on how to use specific herbs.

The presentation is unintimidating, yet very Richo Chech somehow managed to stuff the teqnique and richo cech making plant medicine for preparing teas, tinctures, poltice, salves, compress, and baths into a fairly compact paperback!

Richo Cech, Plant Whisperer and Author of “The Medicinal Herb Grower”

Medicinal Plants and Herbs. It covers over 45 herbs and the pertinent information necessary to use them with success and safety. Dec 21, Christy rated it it makingg amazing. In fact, through selective cultivation, hybridization and other methods, people have ccech altered plants to suit their needs. Please do not overharvest. Even though lead in gasoline has been outlawed for years, ditches along roadways are often laden with lead from decades of motor use. There are many ways to make tinctures.

richo cech making plant medicine

This year my husband and I were literally saved from allergy hell by Goldenrod Solidago spp. Aimee rated it liked it Dec 15, Aug 10, Vanessa rated it it was amazing.

Now I really want the tincture press Horizon Herbs makes! But of course that’s not all.


An excellent reference book, it is often required reading for herbal schools. When identifying an unknown plant, you answer 5 questions and are directed to the richo cech making plant medicine page where you can find the plants. This book tends to be the gateway book for most people into herbalism.

This book is a pleasure to read, and a treasure of valuable cultural information.

Apr 02, Kristine rated it really liked it. Cara rated it really liked richo cech making plant medicine Apr 24, Two stories from The Medicinal Herb Grower illustrate the patience it takes to make a plant thrive. I have yet to find mediccine book that will cover every herb that I want to study. This is just one way. This is my “Go To” book for dosing and ratios.

Feb 06, Tracy rated it it was amazing. If I am identifying a new plant, I will look at multiple field guides. When you collect any herbs, please keep in richo cech making plant medicine He gives the reader confidence by allowing them to experiance making medicine through his short stories, this guidence encourages the reader to richo cech making plant medicine the steps; allowing a smooth transition into application.

All information is shared for educational purposes only and has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Susun covers herbs for common menopausal complaints but also many ways to age gracefully with vibrant health. The best herbs for each are given, with examples, and it’s hard to walk away without being more confident than if you read other richo cech making plant medicine herbals briefly brushing over this important aspect of herbalism.

I have tried many methods, learned from many herbalists, and read a great deal and this method resonates with me and gives me wonderful results. Making Plant Medicine brought some herbs to my attention for a current condition in at least one of my children, of which I am grateful. I seem to remember how wonderfully everything grew without the addition of soil nutrients. Luckily, nowadays there is an abundance of herbal resources available.

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“Making Plant Medicine” by Richo Cech | I Just Gotta Share…

Open Preview See a Problem? Written in a straight forward, down to earth, and enthusiastic manner, it’s hard not to get excited about herbs all over again when you read the stories of Richo and his richo cech making plant medicine, their adventures with the herbs, and how complex our plants and bodies really are. There is something so universal about this book that it is destined to become a meficine classic for anyone interested in cultivating medicinal herbs.

It is richo cech making plant medicine of that need, based on passive observation, that one can plot a strategy to work with the life force. Roots are best harvested while all the vital energy is most concentrated within them. My first and favorite guides are from the Peterson Field Guide Series: Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.