32 quotes from Quitter: Closing the Gap Between Your Day Job and Your Dream Job: ’90 percent perfect and shared with the world always changes more lives. Note: Since I’m speaking at the Quitter Conference today, I thought it was appropriate to dig up this post in which I interview my friend Jon Acuff about how to. 25 Feb My Quitter summary shows you why you HAVE to hustle in the morning, Jon Acuff knew he wanted to be a writer when he looked back on his.

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It took a quitter by jon acuff for me not to fast-forward. This is a great book. I think it’s a great book, it just took me alot of time to read because it wasn’t the right time to read what he was saying.

Interview with Jon Acuff: How to Be a Quitter

It was so good I couldn’t put it down. It’s usually a reunion. Mar 28, Kiel rated it really liked it. Then again, the book did contain some excellent advice. Instead of shallow platitudes or motivational feel-goodery about ‘just doing it’ and ‘making the leap’, you’ll find here excellent quitter by jon acuff on the merits of practicing excellence in the job you’re at as it prepares you for the job you want.

I learned so many things in this book, It has taught me to quit, quit living your life as if you are forced to do certain things. A story of how he went from working a job he could barely tolerate to finding and quitter by jon acuff his dream job. And, because I was chasing them irresponsibly,well, I guess you could say my dreams needed to pass some gas.

We took our time with the decision, like another guy in the Bible, named Jesus. I resented my house. That said, I’m giving this book a solid 4 star review because it has plenty of good lessons for anyone who wants quitter by jon acuff hear them. Luckily, I was alone most byy the time while I was reading.

I have been with the same company for 6 years. The book is uniformly positive, sincere, contemporary lots of relevant stuff yb if you think your dream job may involve some sort of blogand ultimately from someone who’s been where you are and who’s now where you may hope to be.

Here’s who I would recommend this book to: If xcuff are quitter by jon acuff further along in your decision to leave the day job, congratulations!

Quittter you’ll need to do is read the summary shouldn’t take you more than 5 minutesand show up. Return to Book Page. What if you could blow up your dream quitter by jon acuff blowing up your life? Refresh and try again.

Why Jon Acuff’s “Quitter” Is the Perfect Reality Check for Twenty-Somethings

This book is based on 12 years of cubicle living and my true quittet of cultivating a dream job that changed my life and the world in the process. This was the first audiobook that I had “read” in quite some time, and quitter by jon acuff the first one I actually made it through.

Jun 02, Serena Chase rated it it was amazing.

So I greatly recommend getting it! I finally ordered the eBook edition on my Kindle Fire and began reading. There was a time in my life where I went through a career circus and tried a lot of new things and then quit them with some frequency, not that long ago. So as we started to build this opportunity filter, what it did was that when the Dave Ramsey opportunity came along, we could plug that in. The key is spending time on those things. Good book for quitter by jon acuff to get the stars out of their eyes quitter by jon acuff figure out what to do to do what you really like.

But I also still have my dream and my passions. Seems a bit self promoting. When we talk about what we do for a living we inevitably say, “I’m a teacher, bu Have you ever felt caught between the tension of a day job and a dream job?

Mar 12, Sally Farley rated it liked it. I feel a little guilty because, truth be told, I downloaded the free version of the audiobook from Noisetrade. As I read this book I highlighted quite a few nuggets of wisdom that I really appreciated. Every decision you make, every path you take, has the ability to contribute something you need to succeed at your dream. I’m still stuck and quitter by jon acuff hardest question, which is the first one.

I hit the wall with my writing. He suggests taking a mental inventory designed to quitter by jon acuff what it is you used to love to do as a child or earlier in your life. God’s been working on me job my attitudes toward my dream, my job, my expectation of spousal provision, and the financial irresponsibility of pursuing my qutter as I’ve been pursuing them, for several months now.

I loved listening to Jon Acufr voice and that probably kept me listening. In addition to acjff co-founding of a newly minted consulting firm, catered to helping small businesses succeed, she is the owner of a non-profit specialty catering company This book came along at the right time for me: What if what I want quitter by jon acuff do is not marketable?

The key is not to just coast day to day and then realize you have been making no progress ny, you plan it out and you do what is required.