Man and Islam: “The free man and freedom of man” By: Dr. Ali Shariati, – Ladies and Gentlemen: Tonight, as long as time permits, I would like to. Ali Shariati Mazinani was an Iranian revolutionary and sociologist who focused on the . The civilized man could talk on himself more that universe and the new . Ali Khamenei knew Shariati as a pioneer of Islamic teaching according to the. Man and Islam by Ali Shariati, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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He considers with making human Ensan Sazi. It signifies the aimless direction of technology and the ideal-less civilization.

According to Shariati, human history is composed of two stages, the stage of collectivity and the stage of private ownership. However he given to criticize the western ideological schools such as nationalism, liberalism and Marxism and etc.

Wikiquote has quotations related to: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. And as long as he has not selected either of the poles as his fate, struggle will perpetually rage within him. Baharak rated it liked it Feb 08, Hicham rated it liked it Feb 05, One of the positive sides of Shariati was his ability to explain ans thought progression with suitable and simple language for his generation.

He believed that liberal democracy is the enemy of humankind. It is not scientifically so sound nowadays. Enayat believes that Shariati can be considered the founder of Islamic socialism.

Dr. Ali Shariati: Man and Islam: “The free man and freedom of man”

An expository language may be more suited and simpler to utilize in instruction, but it is not lasting. He is held as one of the most influential Iranian intellectuals of the 20th century [3] and has been called the “ideologue of the Iranian Revolution “, although his ideas ended up not forming the basis of the Islamic Republic.

Just in contrary, sharia knows human as the foundation and origin of society not economy. Humanism is a post-renaissance religion which set itself across the providential orders and those religions which were based upon the supernatural and the unseen, which aimed to bestow nobility upon man.

Apr 17, Yousef rated it liked it. But the second stage, which is the current era, could be considered as the domination of the many by one. This is the result of a wrong translation of the Arabic word ‘rib’ into Persian.

Tanhatarinmard rated it liked it Oct 01, Lectures by Ali Shariati. Modern Islamic Political Thought.

On the Sociology of Islam: Lectures by Ali Shariati

Another issue is the woman shariait is believed to have been created from Adam’s rib. He maintained that in such a society, someone who is weak is already subjected to defeat and annihilation.

Bow down to man. Of course Shariati prefers Syasat on politic because the former is more progressive. The first lecture, “Man and Islam”, analyzes the creation of man according to Islamic doctrine and present man as God’s vicegerent on earth as is described in the Holy Qur’an.

Ali Shariati

In one hand Imamate is not a metaphysical belief all a revolutionary guide philosophy. Trivia About On the Sociology Today’s world has dedicated itself to producing only life’s amenities. Hussain rated it liked it Mar 14, In order to understand a religion one must see and familiarize himself with its book, prophet, and its best products.

The lifestyle of her aristocracy gave primacy to pleasures, beauties, and the maxi- mum use of natural resources. This means that man is a representative of God in the universe as well as His trustee. Arise and Bear Witness — Ali Shariati”. Machinism began in the nineteenth century and human beings have had to confront the many anxieties and problems arousing from it. Ferdowsi University of Mashhad Sorbonne.

It seems that his eagerness to socialism begun with the translation of the book Abu Zarr: In fact his utopia is constructed with three concepts of Gnosis, equality and freedom. Lists with This Book.

And since man is a two-dimensional creature who is kneaded of mud and God, he is in ehariati of both. An Amazing book, I only wish I had time to read it over and over again, because shariqti fresh thinking is very rare.

This page was last edited on 1 Decemberat But monopoly polarised the human community. Siamak rated it did not like it May 29, Shariati translated many books into Persian. Man has not been recognized as a two-dimensional being.

Man & Islam

He also emphasized that he understood religion historically because he shariayi a sociologist. The first period is collective ownership. In such an atmosphere Lao-Tzu emerged with an ascetic religion that called attention to the spiritual side of man and consequently society was driven towards monasticism, theosophy, and Sufism.

The third lecture concerns the “Extraction and Refinement of Cultural Resources.