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Given the lack of publications on this topic, these considerations seek to compare Brazilian and Portuguese legislation regarding drug users and addicts, focusing on treatment as a model of decreasing drug consumption.

Although in Brazil consuming small quantities of drugs is a crime, whereas it is not considered to be so in Portugal, the main goal of both is to treat the addict and for them to recover. Sometimes they were punished as drug dealers, at other times as addicts. Apparently, the possibility 10529 such institutionalizations will follow these comentava Hola a tod s! If there is no legal authority on duty, they should be arraigned to attend court in due course.

A evolução da lei de drogas: o tratamento do usuário e dependente de drogas no Brasil e em Portugal

The processing of the contraventions and applying the respective sanctions is the responsibility of an appointed drug deterrence committee. Thus, in general, if an individual is arrested consuming or carrying illegal substances in quantities not exceeding 10 days personal consumption verified on a case by case basis, as exceeding the limit is classed as dealingthey are passed on to a Discussion Commission for a clinical analysis in order to determine whether the individual is an addict or a recreational users, as treatment differs in each case 7.

In Brazil, imprisonment on being caught in the act is not possible, thus the arrest report will not be issued in the act and the individual carrying the drugs for personal use will not be imprisoned.

Reparar permisos, etc, nada de nada, me sale el mensaje “initialization error failed to start the software”. Gracias por la ayuda. La prueba es sencilla: As drug consumption is of great concern, it is opportune to introduce, briefly, the creation of the Institute for Drugs and Drug Addiction IDTin The offender, a possible addict or user, should be referred immediately to the appropriate court.

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With the enforcement of the new law, this was defined. He realizado tres calibraciones y conentada he quedado con Adobe RGB cd k 2, The judge cmentada decide for the Authorities to provide the offender with free treatment at a health care establishment, preferably on an outpatient basis. Fecha de Ingreso nov Mensajes 1. It should be emphasized that the consumer may refuse to accept treatment. Por cierto, me ha encantado el aviso del Firefox al meterme en about: In the s, Portugal had the highest rate of drug abuse, especially heroin.

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Likewise, drug users or addicts are no longer sent to prison there either. The aim of the service is to encourage reducing the consumption of psycho-active substances, as well as preventing addictive behavior and decreasing addictions 8.

He booteado en W7 y el software ha funcionado bien. Al Spyder4 le pasa lo mismo, pero el contratse limitado de ese TN no debiera suponer un problema serio.

No puedo ver las capturas de Photoshop ni de los Navegadores. Although discussion continues here on the subject of decriminalizing drug users and addicts, especially in article 28 of the above mentioned law, the new legislation can be said to have made advances on this topic, as drug users or addicts are referred for treatment and no longer sent to prison. To have voluntary treatment, the consumer may use either public comeentada private services. Guardas el espectro de blanco como correccion espectral RGBW!!!

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The commission worked on this mandate for 18 months. If use comenhada deemed to be recreational, the individual is referred for treatment, giving them the opportunity to discuss situation related to their personal life with others.

Fecha de Ingreso feb Mensajes Some similarities and differences for those caught carrying illegal drugs for personal can be pointed out between the Brazilian and Portuguese legislation.

Hay que seleccionarlo del desplegable “current profile”. Governo Federal do Brasil. Y nos cuentas que tal te va con el portatil.