Get some practice English Grammar questions with this Elementary level exam. It is a simple, quick interactive quiz that shows how far you have come!. A free, multiple-choice English grammar test to check rules of a/an/the. Immediate quiz answers & results with no sign-up. Rules/examples of definite article. Okay, get ready! Thirty questions are coming your way to test your English grammar level. Go!.

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As we provide the answers at the end, the test is only meant for fun and is not an accurate placement test. Are you a cheese-freak? Which Color Is Your Personality? The test consists of 40 short grammar testleri choice questions about English Grammar. If you have any problems with any of the questions, leave a comment below and I will grammar testleri to explain the answer for you. For questions 1 to 5, choose one letter — A, B or C Where can you see these notices?

Please complete your contact details below and the test grammar testleri will be sent to your email address. Your English grammar score is:.

More English slang quiz Wed, Do you know grammar testleri plural of these words? Dublin City Walks 48 ………… twice daily. More English slang quiz.

Which city in australia should i live in? The light from the nearest star takes more 9 ………. For questions 11 to 15, choose one from A, Grammar testleri, C or D Good smiles ahead for young teeth Older Britons are the worst in Europe when it comes to keeping their teeth. Fortunately, ………… from a bump on the head, she suffered no serious injuries from her fall.

Health Score Test What is your English level? grammar testleri

Anyone ………… after the start of the grammar testleri is not allowed in until the interval. My remarks were ………… as a joke, but she was offended by them.

English Grammar Test – “A, AN, THE” : Indefinite/Definite Article Quiz

Which Sherlock Character are you? Today you can still see that star.

In this branch of medicine, it is vital to grammar testleri open to new ideas. He spent a long time looking for a tie which ………… with his new shirt. Questions 41 — 45 In this section you must choose the word or phrase which best fits each space grammar testleri the texts.

English Grammar Test – “A, AN, THE” : Indefinite/Definite Article Quiz | St George International

Passive sentences grammar quiz. For questions 6 to 10, choose one letter A, B or C. Which Friends Character Are You?

Passive sentences are grammar testleri about changing the focus of what you are talking about. You may also like To ensure accurate, genuine results, please do not ask others for grammar testleri or search for answers on your mobile device while doing the test. The biggest stars are very bright, but they only live for a short time.

Questions 51 — 60 In this section you must choose the word or phrase which best completes each sentence. For questions 21 to 40, chose one letter A, B, C or Grammar testleri.

What better way of getting to know a new city than by walking around it? Grammar testleri holiday in Paris gave me a great ………… to improve my French accent. Which Movie Villain Are You? Please tick grammar testleri box if you are happy to agree.

Which prince are you?