Jens Feder Fractal Structures and Self Organization (TMR network) Fractals; Flow in Porous Media; Granular Materials; Fracture Mechanics; Friction. Available in: Hardcover. This lovely little book will take off and fly on its own power, but the author has asked me to write a few words, and one. Jens Feder is the author of Fractals ( avg rating, 2 ratings, 0 reviews, published ), Fractals in physics ( avg rating, 0 ratings, 0 reviews.

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Contents of nitric acid soluble AI in the minus 0. Oxidates as a geohcemical sampling medium in granitic terrain.

He did not attempt to say everything, but what he said is just fine. ISBN 3 Data from distribution patterns for the contents of acid soluble AI in stream sediment from akm 2 survey jenns in northern Fennoscandia.

However, the ffactals should be square gridded for computer treatment, and the required interpolation between ir- regularily spaced sample points would be a drawback as mentioned above. See general information about how to correct material in RePEc. Analysis of variogrammes and other tests carried out on geochemical dispersion patterns contents of 21 acid soluble elements in samples of stream sediment within akm 2 survey area in northern Fennoscandia indicates a fractal dimension of between 2.

Jens Feder (Author of Fractals)

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Data from distribution patterns of acid soluble A1 in stream sediment from northern Fennoscandia. The length L of the coast of Norway as a function of the yardstick 5 used in the measurements. Statistical properties of sediment bed profiles in alluvial channels.

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Length of contour versus measuring yardstick This method is described in the Introduction, see eq. For some fractls the solubility in HNO3 is low and of doubtful significance. For readers that are not familiar with fractals, we first present a short general summary of the concept and a brief description of some meth- ods for testing of fractal dimensions. Let us speculate about some of the possible consequences in mineral exploration.

Although reproducibility is satisfactory for practical mapping purposes, the utilization of the data in variograms covering the entire concentration range could be inappropriate for some elements.

Help Center Find new research papers in: These fractal dimensions were found to exist between distances of 5 and kin, which are the linear limits set by the sample spacing and the size of the survey area respectively.

One practical consequence in mineral exploration could be the possible existence of numerous economically interesting regional to continental fsder provinces on earth. You can help adding them by using this form. Skip to main content.

Phys. Rev. Lett. 55, () – Viscous Fingering Fractals in Porous Media

A 36— Published 1 July This value for D is an upper limit since estimation from variograms, leads to positively biased results if the data are log-normal and of a limited preci- sion at low concenctrations. This self-similarity is a type of symmetry that can be used to characterize disordered geometric systems. DI can be easily calculated by computing the logarithms of eq. Note the logarithmic scale along the abscissa. In this case Dt is 1. The fractal nature of geochemical landscapes.

Fractal dimensions of landscapes and other environmental data. Corrections All material on this site has been provided by the respective publishers and authors. Geochemical distribution patterns geochemical landscapes may well be- long to this type of scale independent phenomena, since the processes causing such patterns have occurred throughout the geological history of the earth, at any speed and at scales ranging from microscopic to the size of continents see Table 1.

The contours are drawn between Kriged values in a square grid. The use of inductively coupled argon plasma ICAP atomic emission spec- troscopy in the analysis of stream sediments. Lateral distribution of platinum group elements in drill holes from basal and foot wall zones of the Minneapolis Adit, Stillwater, Montana. For a fractal feded, the semi-variogram will follow the equation Man- delbrot,p.

Fractzls geophysical data re- flecting the geochemistry, such as results of airborne radiometric measure- ments, are of particular interest since such datasets normally are obtained in a regular grid and can be so large that interpolation between observation points is not a necessary requirement for the tests. Consecu- tive denser sampling within the disclosed provinces would reveal subprovinces, which again could be investigated further by successively more intensive sampling. These considerations lead to the conclusion that untransformed data should in most cases be used for computing variograms when testing fractal dimen- sions of geochemical landscapes.

Fracatls semi-variograms dots for 10 acid soluble elements in the minus 0.