Ethics: Criminal Statutes: 18 U.S.C. § ; Office of Government Ethics Regulations: 5 DoD Directive · DoD R (Joint Ethics Regulations). subsection Ab. of Enclosure 3 of DoD Directive of May 6, (32 C.F.R. ) and effect. All DoD Component regulations implementing these cancelled DoD. Directives, and all SCHAPTER 1. DoD R. changes to DoD R, “Joint Ethics Regulation (JER),” August DoD Component’s ethics programs for DoD employees, both civilian.

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Such authorization may not extend to participation in the day-to-day operations of the entity, nor involve the expenditure of appropriated funds except in the direct support of the employee. The stress from the problem urges speedy solutions. Notify the reporting individual, in writing, of the remedial action required, indicating a date by which that action must be taken; and. There are special DoD rules governing gifts from foreign governments. Prepare and submit semiannual reports to OGE on acceptance of payments under 31 U.

Support all aspects of the ethics program of the Military Department. The Office of General Counsel does not intend that any third-party information that may be accessed through this Web site to be referrals or endorsements of the linked information or entities. This new rule however is not effective until issuance of implementing regulations. Relationship 5500.7-rr illegal gratuities statute.

DoD employees are generally prohibited from engaging in any official activities in which a non-Federal entity is a party or has a financial interest if the DoD employee is an active participant in the non-Federal entity or has been an officer in the non-Federal entity within the last year.

Endorsement of a non-Federal entity, event, product, service, or enterprise may be neither stated nor implied by DoD or DoD employees in their official capacities and titles, positions, or organization names may not be used to suggest official endorsement or preferential treatment of any non-Federal entity except those listed in subsection Direct Administrative Officers or equivalent of the command or organization to ensure that the position descriptions of the DoD Component command or organization indicate if financial disclosure report filing, annual ethics training or procurement integrity training is required and ensure the accuracy of personnel data provided by the Director of the DoD Component personnel office on DoD employees of the command or organization.

The DoD Component DAEO or designee may, by a written notice, exempt categories of business activities or employment from the requirement of a of this section, above, for prior approval based on a determination that business activities or employment within those categories would generally be approved and are not likely to involve conduct prohibited by statute or regulation.

File:DoD R Joint Ethics Regulation (changes ).pdf – Wikimedia Commons

Coordination is required as follows: The supporting non-Federal entity may be permitted to mention its support in conference materials, regulaation not in terms which imply that it is sponsoring or co-sponsoring the event.

Information generally not available to the public, obtained in the course of one’s official DoD duties or position, which would normally not be releasable under the Freedom of Information Act, 5 U. This counseling and advice is personal to the current or jint DoD employee. DoD employees must be committed to justice in the performance of their official duties.

Government Ethics

In addition to the gifts which come within the exceptions set forth in 5 C. The posting of an advertisement in accordance with Federal building management policies does not constitute solicitation eyhics purposes of this section.

A lecture, speech, or writing that pertains to military matters, national security issues, or subjects regulwtion significant concern to DoD shall be reviewed for clearance by appropriate security and public affairs offices prior to delivery or publication.

Applicability to Enlistees and National Guard Members Any individual, firm, corporation, partnership, association, or other legal non-Federal entity that enters into a contract directly with DoD or a DoD Component to furnish services, supplies, or both, including construction. Interference with Military Duties For example, for each use of the internet over Federal Government systems, the name and computer address of the DoD employee user is recorded by the Government and also by the locations searched.

Review financial disclosure reports in accordance with Chapter 7 of this Regulation. Even if the interests are insubstantial, consideration should be given to whether the particular matter will have a direct and predictable effect on the financial interest. There may be solutions that seem to resolve the problem and reach the goal but ddo are clearly unethical.

Fundraising and Membership Drives Attorneys who serve as Ethics Counselors must advise individuals being counseled as to the status of that privilege prior to any communications.

Absent specific authority, however, military members may not do so because any arrangement by a military member for rendering services to the Federal Government in another position is incompatible with the military member’s actual or potential military duties.

See subsection of this Regulation, below, regarding allotments for payment of individual memberships held in a personal capacity.


Except as otherwise authorized by law, a Regular officer of an armed force on the active duty list may not hold or exercise, by election or appointment, the functions of a civil office in a government of a State or of any political subdivision of a State. They are statements of the best possible results. If any review reveals a conflict or apparent conflict, the supervisor shall ensure that the matter is resolved in accordance with subsection Oversee and coordinate local ethics programs through a system for joinr evaluation and ensure that the DoD Component provides and maintains sufficient funding, staff, space and resources to administer the DoD Component’s ethics programs.

The supervisor should also consider, with the advice of the Ethics Counselor, whether a potential violation of 18 U.

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DoD employees may solicit, accept, and consider any statement with respect to a DoD employee or applicant described in subsection The reporting individual shall notify jiont supervisor of any extension granted. National Treasury Employees Union Reference bbregulatoon a court of appeals decision enjoining enforcement of the honoraria prohibition against Federal employees below grade GS Communications received in an Ethics Counselor capacity are not protected by the attorney-client privilege while communications received in a legal assistance capacity may be.

Ensure that the prospect of employment does not affect the performance or non-performance of their official duties. Where a disclaimer is required for an article, book or other writing, the disclaimer shall be printed in a reasonably prominent position in the writing itself. Participation in the management of the non-Federal entity may not constitute the employee’s primary duty.

Proceed from a general statement of the problem to specific statements of the decisions to be made. Exceptions to Restrictions of 18 U. Both the act of soliciting and the act of selling as a result of soliciting are prohibited.

The head of a DoD Component command or organization may provide, on a limited basis, the use of DoD facilities and equipment and the services of DoD employees necessary to make proper use of the equipmentas logistical support of a charitable fundraising event sponsored by a non-Federal entity when the head of the DoD Component command or organization determines 1 through 6 of subsection Federal Government communication systems and equipment including Government owned telephones, facsimile machines, electronic mail, internet systems, and commercial systems when use is paid for by the Federal Government shall be for official use and authorized purposes only.

Military grade and military department as part of an individual’s name e.

The restrictions imposed by 18 U. In addition, in overseas areas, commanders may further restrict the use of titles by retired military members and members of Reserve Components.

Open-mindedness and impartiality are important aspects of fairness. Unless accepted in violation of subparagraph Cooperation and Assistance in Foreign Areas 10 U.