A rotina da pacata cidade de Spencer Yowa Estados Unidos se transforma após Dewey um gato ser encontrado na Biblioteca Pública. A diretora da Biblioteca. 15 Dec Um gato entre livros. by Myron, Vicki; Witter, Bret. Publication date Publisher [Place of publication not identified]: Traduceo. Collection. 2 jan. 7 Livros sobre Gatos que você não pode deixar de ler. Confira a lista de livros sobre Dewey – Um Gato Entre Livros. Escrito por Vicki Myron e.

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View all 4 comments. The book ended the dewey um gato entre livros I expected it to, and for me personally it was very dewey um gato entre livros and helped me liveos deal with my own losses. I’m a cat-lover and had a cat myself. I feel like I know her now. There is this little used bookshop in downtown Edmonton, Alberta, Canada that is graced with the presence of a feline. With apologies to Iowa’s farming industry for the pun.

We live in a throwaway culture that stashes older people away and tries not to look at them”. This page was last edited on 5 Februaryat This is a book that any cat lover with fall in love with. She tries to stay out of the book, but that is a difficult task.

I enjoyed the sections about the other cats but again they were out weighed by long anecdotes about their owners which did not really interest me. I’m loath to let a book go unfinished though, so I dewey um gato entre livros picked it dewey um gato entre livros again and powered through.

Rate this book Clear rating 1 of 5 stars 2 of 5 stars 3 of 5 stars 4 of 5 stars 5 of 5 stars. The most important thing is having someone there to scoop you up, to hold you tight, and to tell you everything is all right. I had really high expectations for this book, especially after reading “Marley and Me”. I rarely read fiction these days unless it is a truly special book. There are even some tidbits about late’s, early’s Iowa some might find interesting.

I grew up in a small town and I know it’s hard no matter how hard you try. The worst place to get fair and balanced reporting is in a pet book written by the pet owner.

The town, the librarian, and the cat are all survivors of hard times. Dewey Readmore Books took his job seriously and took care of the librarians un the library patrons.

Friends of the Library Group paid her vet bills and staff deweh all other necessities. There are stories about disabled children, or dewey um gato entre livros who would never speak – until they met Dewey. Like Spencer, Iowa and like Myron ente, we’d all do better with a Dewey in our lives. Finished his walk, happy dog, happy life!

A great library is one nobody notices because it is always there, and always has what people need. I didn’t realize that this special boy was internationally known.

Dewey um Gato entre livros | Kitty Love | Pinterest | Cat and Kitty

Dewey the Library Cat: I was not that interested in the author’s life and wanted to hear more about Dewey and his antics. If I’d wanted to read about Vicki’s life story, or Spencer’s history, I would have picked up a book about th This book was really more about dewey um gato entre livros author and the town than dewey um gato entre livros cat. There was a persuasive commentary on Midwestern life and dewry, the demise of the family farm and the destructive results of the rise of Big Ag.

Not only is Dewey The worst place to get fair and balanced reporting is in a pet book written by the pet owner.

Um gato entre livros

A nice heart warming story. Is this book audiobook version appropriate for an 8yo? Also enjoyed the pictures scattered throughout.

Vicki Myron shares not only Garo story but her own as well and I found both to be captivating. As an avid cat lover, I thought this would be a fun read.

This book is as much about Spencer, Iowa and the people who dewye there as it is about Dewey the cat. She also does a fine job honoring and respecting that one special cat and the impact he had on her life. HardcoverYoung Readers Editionpages.