Daughter of Fire has ratings and 16 reviews. Fascinating, although long and repetitive, diary of Irina Tweedie’s training with Bhai Sahib, her Sufi teacher in. 26 Nov After the death of her husband, Irina Tweedie embarked upon a quest to find inner peace, ending up in India at the feet of a Sufi Master. Irina Tweedie: Daughter of Fire. Dec 1, In the West the sun was setting in a sea of shimmering golden clouds. The whole world seemed to be illumined by.

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Her body starts to shake violently, her skin is weeping sweat. And this is all. We must return to the very core of ttweedie primitive being in order to become whole.

Nevertheless, he continues to taunt her:. Tweedie documents her five-year process of purification and inner work with the heart in daughter of fire irina tweedie “Naqshbandi” or “Golden Sufi” tradition: Ultimately like all mystical paths the complete dissolution of the ego is the goal of the author.

My friend Sheraz gave me this book, and it just did not seem like the kind of book he would read. Mountain Jungfrau, on the 1st day of this year. We were so fortunate and blessed, as a family, in attending her Sufi Blessing for my baby son. If you suffer from fear or some daughter of fire irina tweedie, it means there are still attachments to get rid of. Emma Devi rated it it was amazing Jun 26, Be always a friend of the Almighty and you will never die.

It must be the muladhara chakra [psychic centre at the base of the spine].

Daughter of Fire: A Diary of a Spiritual Training with a Sufi Master by Irina Tweedie

Continuing to Bhai Sahib her reasons for coming, she tells him of the theosophical belief that not even a guru is necessary for liberation, salvation being achievable through our own independent efforts:.

From page of Mrs. The sensation was painful, daughter of fire irina tweedie the inexplicable thing tweefie that the idea of intercourse did not daughter of fire irina tweedie occur to me… The body was shaking, I was biting the pillow so iriina not to howl like wild animal. When the time was right, the book was there, the money to buy it was there, the time to read and absorb the words were made easy and abundant. There is a lot to be said for the Naqshbandi Sufi path which combines yogic teachings, Kundalini, non-dual Sufi teachings of Hafiz, Rumi, irinna Sarmad, as well as dream interpretation.

Mrs Tweedie’s ashes were spread out tweesie the slope of this mountain. My Revered Guru Maharaj was a Muslim. This constant vision of the One is deepening and increasing in the mind, giving eternal peace…. Jul 17, Usha Padmasola rated it it was amazing. Who would have thought that a widow in her fifties could have endured daughter of fire irina tweedie ifre suffering in the search for the ultimate Truth? Wrong conception, completely,” he empathically declared.

Daughter of Fire: A Diary of a Spiritual Training with a Sufi Master

How can I be your friend? Indeed, returning to London years later and embarking on giving lectures at the Theosophical Society on Sufism, she would often become carried away with the memory of her beloved teacher. The reader cannot help but live in the world of the author as daughter of fire irina tweedie describes her failings and triumphs.

I went ice-cold with terror…This was daughetr coup de grace!

Never, never, to injure daughter of fire irina tweedie feelings of anybody and never to create habits, is real Ahimsa. The Daughter of Fire: The author is on fire and writes in a style reminiscent of Gandhi’s Autobiography, full of humility and honesty.

Translation of a line in a song sung at the Bandhara: I will say there are moments that expresses that are absolutely beautiful – she captures a particular idea or expression with such clarity and perfection. It is known as “Bhogaun shariff”. Pf body seemed to break under this force; all I could do was to hold it stiff, still and completely stretched out. Ffire latter must daughter of fire irina tweedie experienced, and only those who truly want to know God will understand.

Jan 07, Weam Namou rated it it was amazing.