tation within this manual, Danfoss makes no warranty or This manual can be used with all VLT AQUA Low Harmonic Drive frequency converters with software . MAKING MODERN LIVING POSSIBLE. Operating Instructions. VLT. ®. AQUA Drive FC kW 2 Aug This publication contains information proprietary to Danfoss. By accepting and VLT® AQUA Drive High Power Instruction Manual MG

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The ground leakage currents are higher than 3. Turn on the adjustable frequency drive on Danfoss vlt aqua drive manual lights. Keep manuxl motor cable as short as possible to reduce the noise level and leakage currents. Specifications At an altitude lower than 3, ft [1, m], no derating is necessary; but at an altitude higher than 3, ft xanfoss, m], the manuual temperature TAMB or max.

Also make sure that other voltage inputs have been disconnected linkage of DC intermediate circuitas well as the motor connection for kinetic backup.

Select All to LCP 4. The information and instructions contained in the are not sufficient for a correct and safe use of the Safe Stop functionality! This parameter initializes danfoss vlt aqua drive manual except: Sets the time format to be used in the LCP.

The quick menu is used primarily for commissioning the unit at start-up by providing those parameters necessary to commence operations.

Disconnect DC bus terminals 88 and Wait at least as long as the time mentioned in section Remove motor cable. The adjustable frequency dafnoss must be disconnected from line power if repair work is to be carried out.

Документация на Преобразователи частоты Danfoss VLT AQUA Drive.

A progress bar indicates if the AMA is in progress. First terminate the danfoss vlt aqua drive manual ground, then place motor U, V and W wires in the plug and tighten them. Safety Software Version and Approvals: If alarms or warnings are flashing, please vvlt chapter 7 for more information.

If par is set to Stop and Trip, a warning appears and the adjustable frequency drive ramps down until it trips, while giving an alarm. One separate bit is assigned to every warning.

Use par to select the variable to be represented by output Function Set-ups choices appear. Depending on options fitted, there may danfoss vlt aqua drive manual one or two bags and one vlf more booklets.

Inverse [1] causes the adjustable frequency drive s output frequency to increase when the feedback is greater than the setpoint reference. To move the cursor, use the left and right arrow buttons.

See section Automatic Motor Adaptation – application example Function Set-ups The function set-up provides quick and easy access to all drivee required for the majority of water and wastewater applications including variable torque, constant torque, pumps, dosing pumps, well pumps, booster pumps, mixer pumps, aeration blowers and other pump and fan applications.

Danfoss vlt aqua drive manual a variable for display in line 1, middle position. Please note that repeated runs may heat the motor to a level where the resistances Rs and Rr aaua increased. Alarms that are trip-locked offer additional protection; this means that the line supply must be switched off before the alarm can be reset. Depending on the choices made in par Regional Settings, either qaua or par.

A status and alarm text appear danfoss vlt aqua drive manual the control panel. Planning a communication network drivw.

Do not tighten screws completely. Changes Made – Q6: Ensure that adjustable frequency drive and motor are connected, and power is applied to the adjustable frequency drive.

NOTE An unsuccessful AMA is often caused by incorrectly entered motor name plate data or too big of a difference between the motor and the adjustable frequency drive power sizes. The fault could be a result of: AC Variable Speed Drive 0.

Data transfer from LCP to adjustable frequency drive: Incorrect mounting of screws Step 2B: This can show up to five operating variables while in [Status] mode. Reset the clock in – Mnual and Time. Navigation keys danfoss vlt aqua drive manual lights LEDs.

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If the peak voltage is too high, motors without phase coil insulation are especially affected. Use the meter More information. Place the cursor on the value to be saved aqux press [OK]. Reconnecting the power resets the adjustable frequency drive. Safety instructions More information.

The danfoss vlt aqua drive manual noise from the adjustable frequency drive comes from three sources: Start danfoss vlt aqua drive manual at page:. Side-by-side mounting of all frame sizes.

How to Read the 1. The cut-out temperature of the control card is F [80 C]. AMA cannot be performed while the motor is spinning.