The Creole Jazz Band Fake Book 1 – Eb – Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. 14 Jan ​Our good friend Kevin Yeates from the Creole Jazz Band has just made version of his AMAZING fakebook available! It is available for free. 20 May Our good friend Kevin Yeates from the Creole Jazz Band has just made version of his AMAZING fakebook available!.

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Full text of “The Firehouse Jazz Band Fake Book”

Dabney – Rec: His career began around And that what I say to you is true. Sailin’ Down Chesapeake Bay – P.

Oh Pa -pa, don’t stop ’til I tell you when. But the But they’ll Gm D? Preach – er man is G?

i Gig Book

Just hear those dark folks scream- in 1Politically correct: What have I gone and done? I mean this joint is jump- in’.

Fred Coots – Concert Pitch Intro: Then he turned a – round on – ly to see: But the Voo-Doo Drums – 4 Bars: Is banr a “Break”? C Handy Lyrics: At creole jazz band fake book Ian – ta Blues. Letter “A” There’s a boy that’s in our band, And how he blows that horn, Finest since you 1 re born, When he starts you’re gone. High Society – P.

The Creole Jazz Band. Fake Book 1 (Eb)

crfole It should be played, however, in the hot style of Bix’s recording. Let me tell you creole jazz band fake book I’ve found a new Segue: Moderato al Stompo l. Edim B b ad lib: If he fell into the mud, He’d come up with a diamond stud! Letter “A” Heard him play the other night, And old man Oscar Creole jazz band fake book, Who is eighty-five, Sure as you’re alive, Got nook frisky when he started out to do his stuff, Was told to sit right down for being rough: He was out on the o – cean John es- caped, The guard for- got to close the Gol – den gate.

The Creole Jazz Band. Fake Book 1 (Eb) [PDF] – Все для студента

Oh Dad-dy, don’t let your sweet ba-by cry. When the shark bites – with his teeth, Dear, scarlet billows – start to spread. That’s what he does- n’t do noth-in’ else but! Bix, Rubber Miley, T.

Now They would al – ways dis – a – gree. ZZL 3E You are so sweet. Skee de doo de dee, Skah de dah de dah, Skow de dow de dow, Ho de ho de creole jazz band fake book. Popularized by Al Jolson. One of New Orleans’ best known cornetists and band leaders.

As Glaser liked to say, “I made millionaires of both of us”. Creole jazz band fake book lived in San Francisco. See 70 in this book for a more original version. Red Nichols, Glenn Miller, J. G 7 G 7 G 7 C 7 2QT Who’s the most im Who’s the great – est por – tant man this coun – try ev – er lov – er that this coun – try ev – er knew?

Lime – house kid. To see you keep your will pow’r strong.

V ‘ i- i zee so the hard to learn – ing for comes get. Switched mostly to soprano sax in early ‘s. Condon, Russell, Krupa, etc. That tern – po sure is tight that way. H leave ya to sing the blues in the night.

Bennie Moten – Rec: E7 uj r p t sha-dowsit grew with- out sun-light or dew, as a child of the cit- creple grows. Charter member of “World’s Greatest Jazz Band”.