9 Sep English Translation of Varahamihira’s Brihat Jataka by V Subrahmanya Sastri. Google is proud to partner with libraries to digitize public domain materials and make them widely accessible. Public domain books belong to the public and we . Brihat Jataka is a great classic of Vedic astrology composed by The Great Varahamihira, who was the famous astrologer in the court of The Great king.

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Three malefics rising in the Lagna at twilight.

Brihat Jataka – Wikipedia

But according to Sloka 13 infra, only one multiplication — the biggest — is to be made. According] to this interpreta- Sl. In the example given in the previous sloka, Venus is in a neutral house CT? Return to Book Page.

He has a slender waist. Lagna Moon Mars Second Yoga. Chaitanya rated it it was ok Sep 21, Mars Moonf Saturn’ In the above example, Lagna being Mesh brihat jataka of varahamihira, varahaamihira short sign, the native brihat jataka of varahamihira a small head. Other scriptures Bhagavad Gita Agamas. Retrieved October 27, Hence he is an AsubhaHe will therefore cause a mark on the right eye.

Find the Dwadasama of the Lagna. Twelve years are allotted for dogs and 16 for sheep and the like.

Jupiter and Mercury are the friends of the Moon. Rasi will soon return victorious after subduing his enemy. Planetary- condition under which a woman becomes addicted to other men, The yoga under which a woman and her brihat jataka of varahamihira lead immoral lives. By rule-of-three process, we get the Ayurdaya of horses and other animals. Com marked it as to-read Nov 26, Tamas, Agu and Asura are the names of Rahu.

The character of a female varies jointly with the sign, and Trimsamsa of birth. Venus Moon Saturn First Yoga. Vrischika be the rising sign, the person born meets with his destruction immediately. By vartmapunarjanmanam Mars is indi- cated. See chapter XX infra. VIII bile, loss of a brihat jataka of varahamihira, or illicit intercourse with other women.

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But when it is also occupied or aspected by a benefic planet, brihat jataka of varahamihira astrologer should declare the existence of a spot there. Avaroha dasa is the dasa of a planet going from his exaltation point to his depression. Brihat jataka of varahamihira ask other readers questions about Brihat Jataka of Varahamihiraplease sign up. But 2 of them or likely to be q gg Peedarksha houses. This will be very good for fishing.

The day also may be similarly determined as per Chapter VI, Sloka 12 infra. There are thus 12 cases. Effect of the Moon being in conjunction with each o the 5 planets other than the Sun. The construction of the Ashtakavarga plate ; nd the method of reading the results frem the same will now be explained.

The Sun is therefore the planet thet influences the profession. The- effects of these, qftftf Nabhastt yogas will be felt at. Notes Is another reading for Ayastthaihi.

Suppose for example the Moon has progressed to As vini Nakshatra afflicted by Mars square opposition Saturn in a horos- cope at the same time. Venus mataka Saturn are his enemies.

Brihat Jataka (varahamihira)

Makar a as 10 th is partially weak. If brihat jataka of varahamihira last Navamsa brihat jataka of varahamihira Makara is rising with three malefics in the three decanates of the Lagna bhava the 2nd, 3rd and 1st decanatesthe child will be without arms, feet or head as the case may be. In his period should be predicted trouble to the eyes. The conditions under which persons long to, but cannot enter, the holy order.

Shastri published in by Motilal Banarsidas, Delhi. If the lord of a month of advanced pregnancy be afflicted and inauspicious, she briht die by miscarriage or abortion.

A good amount of intutive brihat jataka of varahamihira coupled with a disciplined life is necessary besides a thorough knowledge farahamihira the Science Bhattotpala rightly observes in his Prasnagnana that the sincerity of the querist and his faith in the science is absolutely necessary before the Astrologer could proceed further.

The ruler of the Lagna, the benefic Jupiter in this case is set- ting in the 7th house in operating conjunction with a malefic while it is in affliction with three other malefics, which are rising. Find the Rasi varahamihiga which this Dwadasamsa belongs. If there be only two malefics thus placed, then frugality or smallness of speech, and if only one, wavering, slow or stam- mering speech should be foretold.