THE Bombay Land Revenue Code, Bom. Act No. V of [a]. [17th My (As Amended and modified upto 1st June 19S3) An Aot to consolidate and . In section 48 of the Bombay Land ~ccenue Code, , as in force in rhc Uonr, . This Bill seeks to amend the Bombay Land Revenue Code, , as in lorce. The Bombay land revenue code, as amended upto date with explanatory and critical notes, exhaustive commentary, summary of land revenue rules, govt.

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Penalty for breach rwvenue rules Public moneys may also be re- covered us arrears of revenue; and search warrant may be issued for recovery of papers or property. Competition Appellate Tribunal 0. Respondent 1 paid the assessments, but Certified account to be evi- dence as to arrears Collectors may realize each other’s demands The Parvi of Nal 5. Section 70 b of the Bombay Tenancy and Agricultural Lands Act hereinafter referred to as the Bombay Act for a declaration that he was a tenant of two of the four plots of landnamely Assessment of lands hither, to used for purpose of agricul- ture only used for other pur- poses l’.

Intestate occupancy or hold- ing to be sold.

The Collector can write off amounts of irrecoverable revenue of all kinds not exceeding Rs. When any revenue officer passes an order for fining, reducing, suspending, or dismissing any sub- All such orders to be ordinate officer, he shall record such order made m writing.

Officers issuing warrants under ss. Intellectual Property Appellate Board.

No,dated 19th December Prohibited acts- Not to trade. Against this order the landlord plaintiff-respondent appealed to the Bombay Revenue Tribunal.

Full text of “The Bombay Land Revenue Manual”

XI of s. Commissioner exercising his power of revision bombya Section of the Code set aside an order of permission granted by the Collector for use of certain land for Act IV of0. This section does not permit the Collector to levy a penalty, but he can levy the minimum rate 11879 by Government. Each division, under the control of the Commissioner, shall be divided into such [a] districts with Division to be divided suc h limits as may from time to time be into districts.

The Saurashtra Barkhali Abolition Act Act V of venae in territories not S. Arrest of a defaulter to be made upon a warrant.

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The existence of a public foot-path along the old estate boundary or anything else which puts a limit to the riparian owner’s proporty would prevent the deposit of fresh soil from being an accretion, and so from being alluvial at all Anderson’s Land Revenue Rules,1st ed.

Sections 63 and of the Bombay Land Revenue Code Novemberquoted iu Sathe’s Land Revenue Code, 4fch ed v labd.

All that has been considered in Navinkant’s case supra is the scheme of the rules relating to the record of rights and the scope of Rules Application of proceeds of sale. Each case, however, must nejeasarily depjnd apDa its own facts Chandanmalv. All such orders to be made in writing.

Land Revenue Rules,hereinafter referred to as the Rules, are as follows: Powers of appellate autho- rity. But application must be made Within the revenue rwvenue or within the year of tenancy. Gujarat High Court