Set in Burma during the British invasion of , this masterly novel by Amitav Ghosh tells the story of Rajkumar, a poor boy lifted on the tides of political. The Glass Palace: A Novel [Amitav Ghosh] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Set in Burma during the British invasion of , this masterly. The Glass Palace There was only one person in the food-stall who knew exactly what that sound was that was rolling in across the plain, along the silver curve of .

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Amitav Ghosh is one of India’s best-known writers. The British Indian Army, that is, ppalace had hitherto worked with a strict division between white officers and Indian other ranks.

In palacs final days before the British arrive, we are given an honoured and sneak insight into how the Burmese saw this event and the spilt between rich and poor is astounding. At a bazaar, opposite the west wall of the fort, he was to ask for a woman called Ma Cho.

I felt emotionally connected to the story because the author is, his love for the country and the people comes through strongly. The complex shifting of loyalties under battlefield conditions was new to me and rather confusing, yet the political and moral issues were clear as day.

Those entrepreneurs and that lady this author just nailed. View all 4 comments.

The Glass Palace by Amitav Ghosh – Reading Guide – : Books

It’s difficult to clearly say whose story this is, it belongs to each superbly etched character, and through these personal narratives, the author weaves in glsss larger socio-political and historical changes happening ghish Burma, India and Malaya.

If you consider yourself reasonably well educated and have only thought about Burma in glaes much as is ruled by a murderous junta with an endless appetite for superstition and poor taste in names for their country, Ghosh has a lot to tell you. The five years of research clearly shows in the detailing of people, places, events, conditions.

Loved the under characters depth in parts, for instance. Yet more than an education, this novel shines for its perfectly constructed characters and their wonderful, complex relationships. When the fort’s full immensity revealed itself, Rajkumar came to a halt in the middle of the road. The novel sprawls across more than a century of Burma’s history, from the British invasion of northern Burma in until Stay in Touch Sign up.

This book is epic in length and covers three generations of Indians in the countries of Malaya and Burma Myanmar from until the end of the twentieth century. And who is the Bengali chap? What the book actually is: The years of post-independence turmoil in Burma, which I have never read about, are dismissed in barely a page. Coupled with all those opposing traditions and formalities. Despite being in Mandalay when I started it, I found that this book, which is rather too abrupt in jumping from decade to decade and generation to generation, also dragged and failed to engage.

View all 16 comments. Rajkumar had been to Chittagong and Bassein and any number of towns and villages in between.

I personally found this to be impressive and amusing, especially it brings out questions like “what if such-and-such event never had happened? The novel starts with an year-old boy called Rajkumar running through the city of Mandalay to find a woman called Ma Cho. What’s the Name o A great place, in my opinion, to start to learn the history of Burma, India, and Malaya.

It is a sweeping epic that starts from the eviction of the Royal family in Burma where a urchin witnesses the royalty akitav indignantly thrown out and resolutely falls in love with one of the helpers who comes to India with the king and the Queen and the 3 princessses.

Lists glasx This Book.

The Glass Palace Reader’s Guide

Reading it, I learned a great deal. Later, his heart smitten, he finds the opportunity to do her a favor.

Whilst Rajkumar’s quickly evolving career begins to take shape with the help of Saya John, a successful teak merchant Ma Cho’s sometime loverwe are given a glimpse into the awkward beginnings of a new life for King Thebaw and his family as they try to settle into the port town of Ratnagirinorth of Goa. As other readers comment, there is major historical action that propels us forward in the beginning and the end of the book. The complexity of this work is astounding. The first part of the King of Burma’s exile and the subsequent life in India could easily be mistaken for work of fiction.

He is married to the writer, Deborah Baker, and has two children, Lila and Nayan.

The third goal, that of creating an interesting plot and believable characters in their own right rather than simply using them as an excuse to give us the history, often falls short.