Albizia versicolor tree in Pretoria National Botanical Garden Species: Albizia versicolor. Name[edit]. Albizia versicolor Welw. ex Oliv. Albizia versicolor is planted as an ornamental shade tree. Root and bark decoctions are used as an anthelmintic and purgative, and to treat swollen glands and. BOTANIC DESCRIPTION. Albizia versicolor is a deciduous tree up to 20 m tall with a spreading rounded to flat crown. Bark on young branches covered with.

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The commercial timbers of Tanzania. A bark decoction is used to treat anaemia, and it is applied externally to treat ophthalmia and skin rash. Albizia versicolor Albizia versicolor – Albero della The heartwood is pale to purplish brown, often darker striped, sometimes almost black; it is distinctly demarcated from the white sapwood, which is up to 5 cm wide. Albizia versicolor Aluka – Albizia versicolor Welw.

Description Albizia versicolor is a fairly hardy, large, in warm areasbeautifully shaped, deciduous tree. The latter name is a play on alibzia sound the seeds make as they rattle inside the pods. Seeds are preferably sown in seedling trays filled with a mixture of river sand and compost 4: Journal of the South African Veterinary Association 67 4: A bark maceration is taken against cough, and bark powder is sniffed for the same purpose.

One kg contains — seeds.

Albizia versicolor Welw. ex Oliv.

It is used medicinally and the much sought after wood, is similar to Kiaat. Propagation by cuttings and root suckers has been successful. The disease is called albiziosis, and is caused by the presence of methylpyridoxine. Agroforestry extension manual for northern Zambia.

Citation in scholarly articles. BoxAH Wageningen, Netherlands. Inflorescence an axillary head on 3—6 cm long peduncle.

Determination of iron content in different parts of herbs used traditionally for anaemia treatment in East Africa. For example, the greater rhea Rhea americana has been observed a,bizia on it in the cerrado of Brazil.

Albizia versicolor wood in tangential section. Leaves with pairs of pinnae; leaflets in pairs per pinna, large, c. There are 3 Wikipedia citations related to Albizia versicolor Welw.

Albizia versicolor

Albizia lebbeck is a species of Albizianative to IndomalayaNew Guinea and Northern Australia [1] [2] and widely cultivated and naturalised in other tropical and subtropical regions. In addition, the specific epithet is occasionally misspelled lebbek.

The rates of shrinkage are low: Harvested logs are often of poor quality, versicoloor short and irregular or with heart rot in larger sizes.

The wood does not hold nails well, and pre-boring is required. There are no indications that Albizia versicolor is threatened by genetic erosion, although it is locally uncommon within its wide area of distribution, e. Albizia versicolor Cream Albizia A. Small to medium-sized deciduous tree up to 20 m tall; bole usually short and branchless for up to 5 m but sometimes up to 12 m, straight and cylindrical, up to 60 — cm in diameter; bark surface greyish brown, rough and fissured; crown flattened, versicolro, with spreading branches; young twigs rusty brown hairy.

Email this to a friend Print Share on facebook Tweet this. It is not closely related to A. This page was last edited on 8 Octoberat Albizia versicolor Albizia versicolor: