SABB. Exclusive Sponsor of AAOIFI’s Shariah Standards Online Version these standards are viewed as a major hallmark for the Islamic finance industry. AAOIFI has been issuing more than 50 Shariah Standards already. This Shariah standard on gold wouldn’t be the first and the last. As such, what is so special. The aim of this standard is to outline the Shariah rules governing guarantees, and to clarify the forms of guarantees that are permissible or prohibited.

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Thursday, 26 Mar Volume Wednesday, 05 Aug Volume Download full text in PDF Download.

Keywords Islamic Accounting Standards. Islamic Corporation for the Insurance of Investment and Export Credit participates in launching of co-guarantee platform.

With the spread of Islamic finance globally, the spread of Islamic finance education was sure to follow. Towards a single set of global accounting standards Thursday, 26 Mar Volume Alinma Bank hosts Shariah standards hearing session. Tuesday, 11 Oct Volume Friday, 05 Feb Volume Standardd, 07 Apr Volume Pin to Pinterest Pin. Friday, 20 Jul Volume Expert presents double Mudarabah model as alternative to existing Islamic banking model at conference.

In that case, the sstandards show that in order to convince the public that they offer Shariah compliance products approved by Shariah Advisory Council, there is a need for specificity guidelines or standards for IFIs within the IFRS framework.

Bahrain-based Islamic international standard setting body established in for Islamic corporations and the industry. If we are going to be serious about Islamic finance, we need to be serious about Islamic finance training.

Tuesday, 07 Mar Volume We lend further credence to detractors who believe that Islamic finance is not working and standzrds is needed is a complete revamp.


This paper focuses on the issue relevant to the need for Islamic accounting standards in reporting Islamic Financial Institutions IFIsin the context of Malaysia. Friday, 18 Nov Volume Where we are presently headed is an unabashed embrace of conventional banking served up with a milquetoast nod to the Shariah.

Under a Creative Commons license.

See Legal for additional copyright and other legal information. Ethica Institute of Islamic Finance, the Dubai-based global leader in Islamic finance certificationbelieves that the options in Islamic finance education are only as good as their adherence to third-party standards: Wednesday, 07 Mar Volume After all, Whariah finance is just starting out and it only needs a little more time to work out the details, no?

Friday, 10 Feb Volume Orient Takaful wins insurance policy tender with coverage of up to EGP2. Tuesday, 16 Jan Volume Wednesday, 08 Mar Volume Without such collaboration, the intended specific guidelines for IFIs will be unlikely to be accepted globally.

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Each word should be on a separate line. The onus is on Islamic finance educators to ensure that what they are teaching has been checked by an Islamic finance scholar as adhering to a globally accepted standard like AAOIFI. Wednesday, 11 Apr Volume Abstract This paper focuses on the issue relevant to the need for Islamic accounting standards in reporting Islamic Financial Institutions IFIsin the context of Malaysia. Monday, 16 Oct Volume Friday, 21 Apr Volume Without standardized training and certification, the Islamic finance industry will continue to calcify in its old ways: Do you have suggestions or feedback to help us improve?

Members include central banks, Islamic financial institutions and other industry participants.

About the Standard

Share on Twitter Tweet. Friday, 14 Oct Volume Wednesday, 04 Jan Volume Thursday, 11 May Volume Recommended articles Citing articles 0. If we go on without standardized training, nothing changes and we continue as before. But aaoifj these same detractors leave much to be desired in the way of a practical, scholar-approved blueprint for us to follow, what the absence of a workable alternative shariiah more likely lead to is countless millions with a worse option interest-based products rather than a merely bad one poorly implemented Islamic finance.

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