1 Sep A Witches’ Bible by Stewart Farrar, , available at Book Janet and Stewart Farrar, authors of many books on witchcraft. Everything you need to know is here – The Sabbats, Casting & Banishing the Magic Circle, The Complete Book of Shadows, The Great Rite, Initiation Rites. The Farrar’s adaptations of Gardnarian systems which led to an awakening of a Witches Bible the Complete Witches Handbook by Janet and Stewart Farrar.

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Stewart Farrar

It was a very dry read, and many of the sections felt repetitive. I picked this book up because I was told the Farrar were the third piece that frrar the trifecta of Wiccan writers, the other two being Buckland and Cunningham.

Its really the only book you need. Read it for the historical value or read it to learn something; I still use their Wiccaning ritual almost word-for-word.

In the couple moved to Ireland, where they went about founding new covens and initiating new people into Wicca – according to George Knowles, “some seventy five percent of Wiccans both in the Republic and North of Ireland can trace their roots back to the Farrar’s [sic]”. She currently lives in Ireland and regularly tours the U. About Stewart Farrar Janet and Stewart Farrar, authors of many books on witchcraft appeared frequently in the media.

You may need someone more experienced in Wicca, however, to help you go through it if it is your first time reading it. Want to Read saving….

Stewart Farrar – Wikipedia

It was filmed and broadcast by the BBC in July Mar 20, Sable rated it it was amazing. There were two points jane this book where I openly scoffed and rolled my eyes — one being when the authors claimed that the term “black magic” sounds racist and they felt the need to assure the reader stewagt “we have black friends in our coven, so we’re not racist;” the other being when they said “we’re not homophobic, we just focus on NATURAL sexuality and we’ve had homosexual friends so we can’t be homophobes.

So, strangely enough, I’ve come away from this book noticing some flaws in Wicca, a religion I once held in very, very high regard.

Because this book is the compilation of two separate volumes, I’m combining my reviews of both for this edition. Read it for the historical value strwart read it to learn something; I still use their Wiccaning ritual This book is an old favourite of mine and I truly believe every Witch should own a copy!

It certainly kept me from blindly following any one take on Wicca. View all 3 comments.

Pity About the Abbey fzrrar a story in which Westminster Abbey was destroyed to make way for a by-pass, and satirised what Farrar saw as the current trend to demolish significant or beautiful structures. We’re featuring millions of their reader ratings on our book pages to help you find your new favourite book. The rituals are all written with a coven in mind, but a resourceful Solitary can adapt them for individual use with a little bit of creativity and serious thought.

In general, it served its purpose and gave me some insight to the Wiccan philosophy and practice. I learned a lot about the craft from this text. The Farrars were instrumental in bringing Alexandrian witchcraft to the United States.

A Witches’ Bible

Feb 22, David added it Shelves: Within are directives for celebrating the sabbats, which is a keystone for anyone truly looking to get in tune with the Wheel of the Year. I’ve met Janet and Gavin on three occassions.

This really is the most comprehensive book i have had on the subject of Wicca and will be glad that I bought it rather than borrowed from the library. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

I would definitely include it on a list witchess fellow seekers. The section “More Wiccan Rituals” is written specifically for group work, and the solo witch would be hard-pressed to adapt any of these for solitary practice without losing the core experience the rites are designed to give.

A Witches’ Bible: The Complete Witches’ Handbook by Janet Farrar

Refresh and try again. No, it was notit was Feeling alone, he turned to his second wife, Jean Mackinlay, who herself had just recently divorced her second husband, and although she refused his offer of reigniting their relationship, they did once more become friends.

I learned quite a bit about Witchcraft that I never knew before. Aug 03, Julie Decker rated it liked it. Protection and Reversal Magick Jason Miller. Farrar was sent by Reveille to a press screening of the film Legend of the Witches. There was a great degree of conversation about the coven’s own rituals and their origins.

Llewellyn’s Witches’ Datebook Kathleen Edwards.