We Want to Get Something for Both of My Grandparents

The fact that my grandfather hasn’t had a headstone on his grave for the past five years has really bothered me and my mom. but our goal was to wait until Grandma one day passed away so that we could look at Jewish monuments in New Jersey that would allow us to put both of their names on it after grandma was buried. We lost her a week ago, and mom and I have been looking to see what we would like to get as a monument.

Grandma was this tiny little lady who was the quintessential grandmother. She was sweet. She sounded like she always had honey on her tongue when people heard her soft accent. She baked things. Oh, did she ever bake things! Grandma would smile as she would watch me walk into her home, hug her and then start sniffing the air. Anytime that she knew I was coming over, she immediately had baked goods read. If I happen to show up and surprise her, she always had all sorts of other goodies on hand in her pantry.

Grandma loved the little gifts that I would bring her. She never asked for anything, until we said that she didn’t need anything. But I would often bring her something to brighten up the day. One visit I might bring her a bright, beautiful bouquet of flowers. On another visit, I would bring her a nice bottle of wine. We would often sit out on her back porch on her lawn chairs and have a glass or two together. Another time I might find a pretty scarf or a fabulous blouse that I knew that she would like, and that’s what I would say to her. My grandmother was sweet to everyone, and the world lost a great person who was happy to help any person at any time.